News & Events in Seagoville, TX

Here’s an update on the latest news and events taking place in Seagoville, Texas:


Seagoville Retail continues to grow with the opening of Beall’s Department Store, Cato’s, Dollar Tree and Sally’s Beauty Supply.


St. Ives Development plans to launch a 13-acre retail development in 2010.

Seagoville EDC, City of Seagoville and TOWNSCAPE, Inc., Town Planning and Urban Design, have partnered in the development of the Town Overlay District. The Town Center District includes form based design standards for all new development of the district. The purpose of the District is to implement a Town Center Plan that will encourage new development and redevelopment in the Town Center area. Goals of the Plan include capitalizing on the existing historic character of the Town Center and provide Seagoville with a sustainable thriving downtown while providing flexibility within the framework of a form-based development zoning district. The plan would provide for a mix of residential, retail, and office uses in a pedestrian-friendly environment.

The Town Center Neighborhood District provides for several mixed use types of residential housing including Manor, Estate, Village, Cottage, Multi-Unit, Town Home, and Courtyard Apartment. Seagoville EDC is working in partnership with the property owner to revitalize downtown, starting with relocating the EDC office to the downtown area.

Other News

Seagoville EDC has retained the services of Halff Associates to develop a master plan for the Seagoville Industrial Site. This site contains 200 acres for prime industrial development.

Seagoville EDC continues to promote the Façade Improvement Program for existing businesses to fund aesthetic improvements with a 50/50 funding participation.

The Seagoville Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) authorized, by the Development Corporation Act of 1979, unanimously approved the funding for development and implementation of a Tax Increment Finance district in July, 2009. The SEDC determined that the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) will provide the City of Seagoville a funding method that the City can use to publicly finance needed structural improvements and enhanced infrastructure within the approved Town Center District. These improvements usually are undertaken to promote the viability of existing businesses and to attract new commercial enterprises to the area and the City of Seagoville.